Local Advertising in School Fundraising CalendarsAdvertising in Ouston - School Calendars

Local Advertising to Parents and Families in Ouston, Chester le Street


Advertise to 350 Ouston Family homes

Your advert on families' walls!

Families use the calendars throughout the year - so your advert will be on their wall!

How long will I be seen?

30 days

You can choose which month your advert will be shown on - so you plan your advertising for the next year.

St Benet`s Catholic Primary School
Calendar 2022-2023

How much will St Benet`s Catholic Primary School get?


We provide the calendars for free for St Benet`s Catholic Primary School to sell for £5.00 each - so your advert gives them even more support than just giving them money!

Support St Benet`s Catholic Primary School

And Advertise your business!!

You get to publicly support St Benet`s Catholic Primary School and promote your business - everyone wins!!

Contact us to Advertise in Ouston now!

By Email or Phone

We'll answer any questions and even create your advert for free!

What do I get?

Your advert on the wall of 350 local homes in Ouston for a month
St Benet`s Catholic Primary School will know you supported them
A connection with local parents
You will be seen to support the community.

What next?

Let us know you want to advertise
Choose which month(s) you want to advertise
Send us your advert OR...
Send text & pictures and we'll make it for free.

What we do...

We produce the calendars for free by covering all the costs with advertising. So, the school doesn't pay anything!
For 30 years we have provided charity publications by selling advertising to reduce the costs.

Will I See it?


We will send you a printed copy of the calendar with your invoice.
So you can see your advert in the calendar before you pay.

How much does an advert cost?
Small£59+vat5cm high x 7cm wide
Medium£115+vat5cm high x 14cm wide best seller
Large£220+vat5cm high x 29cm wide

Book 3 months and get a 4th month FREE.

Why wait?

Just contact us.
We'll help you get seen!

About Us

We can't guarantee what response your advert will get - no one can - but we can tell you that we constantly publish calendars, newspapers and books with regular advertisers in them every month - not just in Ouston or Chester le Street but throughout the UK.

Many of them have advertised in our publications for over 10 years - some for as many as 30 years.
Why? Because it works!

Some of our other Publications:

Reach schools newspaper, Lancaster Voice, Middlesbrough Voice, Hallam News, A&B News, Nottingham Catholic News, UCM News, Catholic East Anglia, Catholic South West, The Vine

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Give us a call or an email and we can answer your questions and talk you through advertising in Ouston, Chester le Street.

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